Jason Jiang and other 10 richest legendary history Liantang where to sell watches

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; many successful entrepreneurs dug to point in the outbreak of the "first pot of gold", and later really big industry is not consistent. Most people like to relish the legendary story of success, and the variety of hard as the condiment – can further strengthen the legend

many successful entrepreneurs dug into the "first pot of gold" broke out, and then the real big business is not consistent. Most people like to relish the legendary story of success, and the variety of hard as the condiment – can further strengthen the legendary. When we as far as possible the successful reduction of early struggle, trying to find the secret of the so-called "first pot of gold", is the true colors of life twists and turns, the legend does not exist. And now some fledgling entrepreneurs frequently made ambitious targets such as "the next Google" compared to a lot of successful at the beginning of the entrepreneurial idea is very simple, even if they are only because life or to change the status quo. In 1980, Jiang Xipei, the co-founder of the Far East after the university entrance exam, repeat, insisted on to Hangzhou to learn repair watches, his goal is just to earn enough 50000 yuan. Is this year, Sichuan Xinjin Liu four brothers had relatively stable, but the second liuyonghang in order to let crying son eat meat, Spring Festival on the street before the electrical appliance repair shop, see the opportunity to make money to stimulate the entrepreneurial brothers. It is indeed a precious wealth. "Superman" Li Ka Shing, a juvenile experienced jiadaozhongla,www.timeonhere.com, displaced, and dropout, injured father pain, with indomitable will to fight, from the apprentice growth for Chinese richest man. Just died, "God of management", Wang Yung Ching is was born to a poor family, after graduating from primary school he left home to work, after several setbacks laid the revival of the Formosa Plastics Group. The founder of Wahaha Qing and Alibaba founder Jack Ma have due to the so-called "origin", but as said, this is entrepreneurs to lay a foundation. The British Hoogewerf in the year to come up with creative China rich list produced when, I do not know whether the expected to the topic of "wealth" even in China can cause huge controversy, "original sin", "grey money" and "black gold" and become the focus of attention. There is no denying that, to some extent, Hu Run to some extent people’s recognition of the wealth, the rational desire for wealth more and more people set foot on the venture. At the same time, those successful entrepreneurs and wealth have more deep thinking, newer such as Cao Dewang, in their own family held 70% of Fuyao Glass (600660) equity set up a charity foundation will help more people access to wealth. Changjiang Delta spring 160 yuan "debt" to force the University era of advertising wizards, Changjiang Delta spring is quite reputation of East China Normal University President of "Xia Yu Poetry Society", also wrote a Book of poems "the lyrical age". Changjiang Delta spring at the time of the classical description of life is. "I’ll with the afternoon watch table in front of girls, and for her to write comments,quartzsale.com, in the evening, I usually plucked up the courage to school ballroom involved in a love or is easily,luxuryonstore.com, however, until the dark and stormy, I alone back to the bedroom easily write a poem." Jiangnan >

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