Shanghai watch how much money Jimmy Lin had secretly married Chen Ruoyi wife hand

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Jimmy’s father’s funeral wife Chen Reyi Jimmy stunning debut, Chen Reyi is born supermodel, temperament also pure, was insiders called in. Idol star Jimmy Lin, and Ruby Lin before the scandal, but eventually dropped recently,< p > Jimmy father’s funeral wife Chen Reyi Jimmy stunning debut, Chen Reyi is born supermodel, temperament also pure, was insiders called in. Idol star Jimmy, before and our also preached, and the scandal, but finally failed miserably, recently broke the news. He has and beautiful girlfriend Xiucheng finally married. For a long time, everybody is curious about Jimmy why hotelier unknown model by, don’t look at our age is not old, but steal means no less than Isabella with Mr Li. cartier watches

< p > Shanghai watch how much money Jimmy already the secret married by means of wife Isabella does not lose, Jimmy 17-year-old issued the first record, the 18 year old established photography studio, 24 years old in full score achieved qualification certificate of professional rescue, 25 years old was established first team of professional racing team, 26 year old established technology companies… As general Jimmy Lin, and now a new identity — the father. In the son’s full moon celebration, Jimmy excitedly said: "this life, I am most proud of is the son of Chen Reyi is most would like to thank the people!"
cartier watches,< p > earlier Jimmy has been hiding messages of love and marriage,
Omega replica, is the main worry fans feel, and since Jimmy was broke has been promoted as a father after formally admitted their are no longer single, for the widely rumored that the engagement of children born out of wedlock, rumors, Jimmy and fans said; I don’t want to keep hide, and we are also very bless me! Hong Kong and Taiwan have burst, in fact, Jimmy Lin has already registered for marriage.

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Jimmy Lin from the debut popular young, only identity and Ruby Lin had a relationship process. But always insisted that single Jimmy, or attend an activity in Shanghai, was filmed him and Eelin flag under the model by ambiguous, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan again in captured, two people each other sweet love photos of feeding. For this, although Jimmy has always stressed that both sides just friends, but Hong Kong and Taiwan disclosure, the two of them had secret contacts in the. cartier watches

however, Jimmy Lin and Chen Ruoyi are still denied foreign. Until 2009 September when a board with the disclosure of information,, led in the American South Whittier hospital, as Jimmy Lin born baby son. In an instant a stone aroused Melaleuca waves! Jimmy Lin about the man didn’t deny it. With the upsurge of Hong Kong and Taiwan, and many enthusiastic fans wishes,, on the fifteenth day of the month, Jimmy in birthday celebrations, recognition of the and supermodel girlfriend Chen Reyi is engaged to a son of news, also announced the baby photos >

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