Li Na led Chinese Four Golden Flowers special car world watches products

        recently, the "Li Na effect" in Chinese increasing influence, propaganda, across all pages. Li Na has become a Chinese pride,, will become the object of pursuit. Chinese tennis Jinhua Li Na and the number 6 seed against Russia before the first in the world on the Rowland

recently "Li Na effect" in Chinese more and more big, propaganda, across all pages. Li Na has become a Chinese pride, will become the object of pursuit. omega watches

Chinese tennis Jinhua Li Na and the number 6 seed against the admission of Russia’s former world first at Roland Garros for a French Open women’s singles final. 6-4, 7-5 finally score his opponent. Ranked sixth in the world China Jinhua hit record, following this year after the Australian Open, two consecutive Grand Slam finals, at the same time, this is Asia’s first advance the French Open final. The next Li Na and defending champion J Zia Voni will compete for the championship. Li Na’s world ranking will be stable in the world TOP5. Now that Li Na is Yao Ming and Liu Xiang as the Chinese card. On this news report, the data show, the attention has gone beyond the recent entertainment of Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s divorce "". Lenovo China football won the world cup runner up, Li Na will therefore be screwed up China a tennis boom we rub one’s eyes and wait?.

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Li Na led China "Four Golden Flowers" special car, the world top ten brand watches, now arts and sports circles behind Li Na to enter the finals, became the pride of Chinese. In order to match Li Na before the broadcast delay time after Ping Chao, tonight at 9 finals CCTV again for Li Na to change the live program, live from the women’s volleyball tournament China against Holland to live with Li Na J Zia Voni in the French Open final. omega watches

tennis needs speed, strength, stamina, reaction, and extraordinary skills, and the design and manufacture of automobile is the core of the agree without prior without previous consultation. As our car China network special network planning of the Madonna into the Grand Slam finals. Recommended "special" four models for Chinese tennis four Jinhua,, Jinhua Chinese interpretation from another angle. Chinese tennis four golden flowers are: Li Na, Zheng Jie, Peng Shuai, Yan Zi. omega watches

Li Na was born in 1982 in Hubei, Wuhan, is a leader in Chinese women’s tennis, tennis at the age of 6, 1999 to the occupation player, hit the four grand slam tennis tournament from the low level. Once retired two years in 2002. In 2004, Li Na comeback, became the first to get the WTA tour singles title Chinese,, and broke into the Olympic Games in 2008. To return to the national team after their national system training in 2008 "solo", her tennis career also flew into grades, continue to make breakthroughs, "

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