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        needle is not normal, luminous point off "the Tudor table makes me very disappointed" watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches often say a better product, high all aspects of natural high prices, but consumers Mr. Xu but do not agree with this view, because it was a Tudor watches he recently spent twenty thousand yuan to buy. In October this year, Mr. Xu in a mall in Xinjiekou spent forty thousand yuan to buy two pieces of Tudor watches, each priced at more than twenty thousand yuan. In his view the high price of natural high price advantage, quality, performance, Tudor table in the world that is a. However, in a period of time, Mr. Xu found his watch worn on the hands without needle, motionless but needle, completely contrary to the working principle of the mechanical watch, and the other one is completely normal. So he immediately put the watch to watch repair,
Cariter replica, staff said to leave the store observation. A week after Mr. Xu to watch, watch what staff said no fault, may be related to usage, and he had no more doubt would back of the watch. One night he suddenly found a slight change their watches, luminous point the one o’clock position was not, Is it right? Watches repair? Mr. Xu is very surprised, second days to find the table rows, each other has denied carrying out repair on the table, that is Mr. Xu own caused by improper use of luminous points off. After negotiations, the table rows agree to replace a dial for him, but Mr. Xu for the replacement of a new table. Mr. Xu told reporters, also is the Tudor table, why his hand on the table needle and another one is not the same. Luxury watches and not used, how can not understand usage? In addition,
www.quartzsale.com, he is also unable to confirm whether the line on his watch for repair, even if no repair luminous point loss is also within the quality problem, how can the normal wear luminous point will fall off? Mr. Xu says, as a global brand, it makes him very disappointed. Mr. Xu complaints received reporters and watch made contact, the table rows of a responsible person Ms. Lee told reporters, they have been in accordance with the requirements of Mr Tsui replaced a new watch, is mainly on account of his purchase of the time is not long. For Mr. Xu the substance of the complaint, Ms. Li explained, watch needle problem is completely because he didn’t understand the use of methods to watch, do not pay attention to in the wear process. The luminous point loss may be Mr. Xu had severe vibration when in use, the luminous point is very small and is glued on,
Omega replica, shaking big drop is a normal phenomenon.

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