For help! Identification of true and false Taobao Casio table! In Taobao an emperor

        in Taobao a crown stores spotted a woman Casio pointer series, there are 3 colors in the store, the same style, but the 85 pink, other colors are 230, 500 is the counter price is 85, the shopkeeper said to the agent promotional price of 3 yen, a crown stores in Taobao spotted a woman Casio pointer series, there are 3 colors in the store, the same style, but the 85 pink, other colors are 230, 500 is the counter price, the owner said the agency is 85 for promotional price of 3, color is the original Japanese movement,
my-watchstore, in Chinese assembly, really do not understand why it would be so much worse. For prawns, in the end of this 3 color is what? I what to buy a good point? 1, can be very responsible to tell you, online selling Casio mostly genuine but the price is so cheap, because they are smuggled goods smuggled goods, is in fact no taxes, and not the venue rental and labor costs, so cheap, simple to say, a piece of watches, priced at 1000 yuan, to Casio, dealer price 35% off, the actual amounts to 650 yuan, while the Hongkong price is 800 yuan, to give them the dealer discount is 60 percent off, that is 320 yuan. 650 and 320, the difference can reach more than half, and so on, believes that smart friend must know why online Hongkong over Casio than half cheaper than the mainland, but the quality is the same. 2, CASIO is not a fake, because of high technology content, fraud is difficult because the market demand is less, and Casio also belong to the public list, create a fake, might as well buy a new one is not how much money is not economic. But there are smuggled goods, online selling smuggled goods 99%. 3, although the line to buy smuggled goods and goods are smuggled goods smuggled goods, but does not represent itself is fake, smuggled goods licensed watches and there is no difference,, all Casio one factory,, quality and workmanship are exactly the same. The whole world is all the same a watch, so are the original factory, smuggled goods are original quality. 4 for the high reputation of the seller to buy genuine, no fakes Casio watches prices have been very low, basically hundred dollars can buy, cheaper than half counter fraud, but the cost is very high, a lot of Casio pointer table is core with timing function, but also with all stainless steel case and bracelet, within such a low cost fake it is impossible, even if made out of low profit, who will be so silly to do such a thankless task. 5 smuggled goods is not guaranteed, only counter invoice can UNPROFOR UNPROFOR, 95% is not used, the warranty can find a large dealer or directly to the point of repair repair fee. Casio Inc official counters? If it is, easy to handle, you can rest assured to buy. If you can not buy, because if you buy smuggled goods or goods, even when the warranty is not. I suggest you buy originating from the Swiss Traser table, in China agent. The price is great,.

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