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        Blancpain, Qingcheng diamond touch wrist watch brand Fengyun (Figure), the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, watches the first royal sapphire, diamond jewelry inlaid in the pocket watch will or other objects, to show its important and distinguished; later in social activities, wearing jewelry table has become a symbol of status and taste. Women like diamond, sexy behavior,
quartzsale.com, wrist light so that they Its brightness dazzles the eyes.; men carry casually hand dekko,
www.sunglasses4usale.com, suit cuff between delicate frame become elegant, diamonds in watches, at the same time it also write success and self-confidence in man smiling mouth. Time works of art gem sparkle, create new styles of design, constitute a luxury toys. We enjoy not only time ticked away the beauty,
www.omegacartier.com, the feeling is more noble gorgeous, design a powerful and unconstrained style and delicate superb technology, let us feel the time running in the fun at the same time the taste of which! BLANCPAIN (Bao Po) the Lè man Tourbillon Grande Date Diamants modeling, is often mistaken for female form, but it is indeed a domineering men’s watch. Cal. 6925 movement, 7 day power tourbillon, general parts reached an astonishing 307, but this one of the most exciting part is not in the tourbillon, but more for the wonderful diamond. Clever diamonds in a spiral of radioactive lines, strike out a new line for oneself completely, diamonds was cleverly calculation, the Mosaic law the most unique: diamond inlaid into the groove from the dial, this kind of practice is to absolutely flat to dial, and the diamond is on the same plane, and the gap between the diamond and the dial is less than 1/100mm. The dial, accommodating 194 diamonds, and bezel with lugs on Diamond reached 166, nearly 10 carats of diamonds, is really a luxury and luxury.

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