OMEGA, Longines is the one family, why not let you know

        OMEGA, Longines is the one family, why not let you know watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch say you may not believe this, OMEGA (OMEGA), radar (RADE), Longines (Longiness), Swatch (Swatch), Tissot (Tissot),
Vacheron Constantin watches, Swatch (Swatch) and other watches is actually the same company’s brothers and sisters, are the most worldwide tab group Swatch (Swatch, called SMH company before 2000) under the banner of the watch brand, in order to highlight the brand personality, SMH never active propaganda of these brands from the same enterprise. In fact, Swatch brands of different personalities, highlighting its unique side, consumers can easily according to their own identity, occupation, income, social status need to make choice of purchase. Such as OMEGA represents a successful person or celebrity luxurious option, and the radar table is a high-tech symbol. As for the Swatch is the avant-garde and fashion, the trend of people’s choice. In the advertising and marketing, which embodies the distinctive brand. OMEGA carefully selected some international and regional celebrities as image ambassadors, such as international celebrities, such as supermodel Cindy · Crawford, les · Mcpherson; the Hollywood international film star Pearce · Bresnan; the world of formula one crown military hand Michael · Schumacher, the outstanding figures, · Golf Si; Ace, in China chose Chen Lu etc.. Color page magazine ads OMEGA are a manifestation of the OMEGA ambassador extraordinary personality and fashion style photos slogan: "OMEGA — my choice (OMEGA — MY CHOICE)". For consumers, everyone is eager for success and fame, nature also wear to so many celebrity OMEGA resonate with the desire to buy, in order to find successful feeling, but in SMH company, other brands such as radar table advertising, you never find out what is the stars appear, selling and promotion of fully reflected in the high tech tab the technology and materials,, such as "surface hardness second only to Diamond Sapphire crystal, close to the wrist", "with the glittering and translucent and bright and clean dial, noble and elegant", "white strap by high-tech ceramic material, hard wear resistant, never fade". It is reported, Swatch company in the process of future development, the brand will not be much conflict situations, will buy some brand development, to fill the existing brand design and shape of blank to meet the needs of more consumers. However, the personality of the brand philosophy is to never give up. Similarly, the development of series of products without introducing new brands but abandoned the original brand personality and recruit defeat case too. "Parker pen pen" known as the king,, is a high-end product. People buy "Parker", not just to buy a writing tool, more important is to buy a decent, image, style. Grade is "Parker" marketing.

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