Tissot MotoGP watch series launched in 2009 a new (map)

        2009 launched new Tissot MotoGP watch series (Figure) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,
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tag heuer watch, Tissot sapphire watches in 2009 for ninth consecutive years as a MotoGP official designated time, for a long time, the development of Tissot is committed to technology research and events products. At the side of the track, Tissot timing experts to provide accurate timing service to seize every minute and second motorcycle events; and as the Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot annual professional, will launch a series of watches products for MotoGP. This year, to contend for the MotoGP tournament will be 18 matches in 14 countries and regions. In 2009 April, MotoGP 2009 season opener will kick-off in Qatar fiery, and Tissot for 2009 MotoGP enthusiasm had burned out! Work closely with the Dorna Sports once again join during the Basel watch and Jewellery Show, Tissot hall held a formal ceremony, to show the media and exhibition visitors: MotoGP game official time table is ready. Tissot President Francois? Tim Po to Dorna Sports chief executive Carmelo Ezpeleta presented three new table. Dorna Sports is the exclusive owner FIM organized to host the MotoGP World Grand Prix motorcycle’s and television rights. In order to meet the needs of the world’s highest level of MotoGP motorcycle race, Tissot and Dorna Sports introduced the world’s top science and technology, both sides are very much looking forward to meet new challenges in the new season. This is the official MotoGP Tissot as Chronograph supplier for ninth years, with the development of technology change rapidly and the motorcycle speed continues to improve, the technical challenges for the event timing also reached an unprecedented height. Tissot innovates unceasingly in the timing process and watch manufacturing field, making it one of the top events of motorcycle MotoGP the best partners, to ensure that the requirements of this competition for timing accuracy. Tissot President Francois? Tian Bao said: "motor racing world fusion innovation and speed, and Tissot and racing industry cooperation fully demonstrated the vitality of the essence Tissot and its products. Tissot precision movement, as well as the constant pursuit of perfect performance, makes the watch series perfect launched a new interpretation of the Tissot MotoGP and close relations of cooperation." MotoGP and Tissot has maintained good relations of cooperation, the pursuit of quality and excellence Tissot precise values and MotoGP events in pursuit of speed limit, pay attention to perfect technology innovation fit. Tissot like MotoGP participants, on the performance of keep unremitting pursuit. Has appeared before the kick-off of the limited edition watch has been integrated into the new season of the original,
tag heuer watches, the 2009 season has not started, has become a memorable season. The limited edition motorcycle helmet as a list box, containing 18 replaceable sheet cover, adjustable

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