Dior Purple Rubber Diamond Chronograph

        Dior Purple Rubber Diamond Chronograph Watch Brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches after Dior diamond rubber sheet series following the 2008 Spring launched the most eye-catching to red and blue after classical charm,Vacheron Constantin watches, in 2009 the new Purple Rubber Purple Diamond Chronograph section has a grand stage. When the rubber strap is endowed with purple luxurious life, beyond self personality instantly into my heart. Whether in passion, hot motion or at a luxury party, it is the attention focus of admiration.         Purple Rubber Purple Diamond Chronograph         "king of the color purple," — Christian Dior         only when you really into purple world,breitling watch, you can understand why it can become Dior’s favorite color.         purple,http://www.greatsalewatch.com, is 09 years the fashion of the main color. Purple is the crystallization of red and blue. When the active and passive red blue encounter, warm and cold fusion in the twinkling of an eye, transform the most brilliant purple. The blood flows in the two distinct but highly fit force, forging a swoon soul aura, let a person be overcome by one’s feelings in this CC temptation drunk.         Dior purple crystal series         refraction Youran violet Dior christal Purple Rubber watch, as a partner, elegant, gentle docile to the wrist, comfortable feeling and exquisite fashion avant-garde dynamic design, most incisive let purple play unlimited potential. Purple new, continued success story of 38mm rubber chronograph, show Dior style and bold purple charm. After the Dior christal Amethyst Crystal Amethyst jewelry watches, continuation of Purple Legend in Dior watch, and Dior fall 2009 fashion series complement each other,tag heuer watches, come down in one continuous line with Dior haute couture brand spirit.         Dior christal Purple Rubber 38mm senior jewelry watches Purple Diamond Chronograph, bezel set with 76 clear and pure crystal diamond, the unique Pyramid shaped diamond cutting process exhibits exquisite and three-dimensional sense of another. The glowing charm violet dial, shines with dazzling color, let people in a trance, forget the time limits. 14 to month

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