OMEGA constellation Series 2009

        OMEGA constellation Series 2009 watch brands, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,PATEK PHILIPPE GRAND COMPLICATIONS WATCHES, ultra-thin couples watches,Replica Patek philippe watches, sapphire watch   the next stage of development of popular degree and high degree of recognition OMEGA constellation series watch is to re design the entire series, which will become the most in 2009 looking forward to the launch of the global. OMEGA constellation Series 2009 rose gold bezel classic was born in 1982, OMEGA released a new watch, showing the avant-garde and lasting design concept, which is the constellation of Manhattan watch. In today’s world known "supporting claw" design makes it become one of the watches a highly recognizable worldwide. This unique design not only enhances the extraordinary beauty watch appearance, at that time also reflects the highly functional: sapphire crystal and gasket firmly fixed in the case above the supporting claws, thus ensuring the waterproof properties of wrist watch. The earliest for functional consider supporting claw "design", introduced to the out of the ordinary style popular in constellation watch plays an important role, its significance is beyond people’s imagination — "supporting claw" has become the symbol of this definition of a watch series. An unquestionable fact is: if take most watch dial, only experts and watch enthusiasts can identify watch brands and models. However,Replica Vacheron constantin watches, OMEGA constellation series is not the case, even at a distance, at any angle, are easily identified. A constellation of 95 and "I choose" 1995 is the constellation series and a has milepost sense of the year. This year, OMEGA began to cooperate with its celebrity ambassador. As an important member of them, supermodel Cindy · Crawford and OMEGA watch experts to participate in the selection of a design work, constellation series also became as everyone knows the "Cindy – Crawford’s choice". It is a constellation of 95 series of early watches, since the launch date, the series has become one of the most beloved watches OMEGA fans all over the world. With the passage of time, Cindy – Crawford is a constellation of 95 Series filming commercials and eventually develop into OMEGA "my choice" theme of the ad series: be known to all the world’s a celebrity OMEGA ambassador’s image is located above the brand posters or print advertising, is next to the OMEGA constellation watch images of 95 Series, a line of concise text straight into the theme: "my choice". OMEGA constellation Series 2009 gold bezel paragraph development and Innovation: the next stage of development of 2009 design and recycling popularity and high degree of recognition OMEGA constellation series watch is to re design the entire series, which will be the 2009’s most anticipated global launch one of. The new constellation of 2009 series inherited the early table full-bodied "family characteristics". Constellation star emblem mark is positioned on the 6 position dial, a supporting claw "famous" design to improve and upgrade. The chain is still with the transverse link familiar,TAG HEUER watches, but that a butterfly buckle "Mono Rang" new bracelet, in which has been redesigned to greatly improve the wear.

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