Chanel watch launched the first GMT Watch

        Chanel watch launched the first "GMT" brand watches watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   once upon a time, the Egyptians believed that the earth was flat. From the furthest from the earth,IWC PORTOFINO WATCHES, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter,Replica watches, Venus, mercury, the sun to the moon, preface arranged and change in charge of people in a day. Look up at the starry sky, they formulate 24 hours. Now, we know that the earth is round, also familiar with hours of characterization and recording life. At the same time to benefit from the convenient traffic, we can short time shuttle between nations. Chanel J12 GMT, to offer to the frequent contacts between the two places of business people and travelers have accurate local time, and on the home caring greetings.           in 2007, Chanel launched J12 GMT "GMT" watch, not only is the second J12 Superleggera, re launched in men’s fashion watch, is Chanel J12 series table section for frequently between two businessmen and international travelers to build, properties of aggregation Chanel J12 watches fashion taste and two time GMT. The contrast between the black center dial composed with white pointer, to 12 clearly indicate the location time. The outer ring dial carved in 24 hours and the red pointer fine display the original time and day and night, always appear your captures two perfect moment, achieve the task, also can transfer greetings to relatives and friends at the right time. The rudder sailing in the 24 hour dial as competition, fine and accurate navigation between the two places of business professionals, sailing in the workplace and family. J12 series is Chanel first Unisex Sport watch. 2000 launched the first black watches gather black and white contrast, high-tech ceramic tip material, exquisite Swiss tabulation process and 12 feet of sea contest adventure travel spirit. The 2005 J12 Tourbillon watches, it is proved that J12 watches have long been among the elite tabulation forest again. That same year, Jack · (Jacques Helleu); Hailu to Cheng Chi in 1950’s ultra light roadster concept, the promotion of J12 Superleggera men’s watch, show the movement style top racing,Replica watches for sale, sports car fluent lines and chic together with the Mercedes Benz in the 48 gold links black strap on. The name is derived from the international sailing history award-winning sailing J12, its spiritual heritage in 1910, Ms. Chanel launched the summer sports clothing series,PATEK PHILIPPE GRAND COMPLICATIONS WATCHES, with fashion encouraged women riding and running. Since Chanel J12 GMT watches, we can once again witness combining fashion and sports, design has already melted in the Chanel. The new J12 GMT series table section since November 7th, in Chanel boutique (Pacific SOGO department store Renaissance hall 1F) first sale. Appendix: J12 GMT "GMT" watch specs – by Chanel in Rui 0

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