The 3000000 Earl table is bought

        3000000 count table was bought watches brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,Replica watches for sale, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches recently, "the 2005 Earl of Chinese fair" was held in the Grand Duke of Shenyang watch centre, not only has the latest count watch series, there are many classic style display a value of about 3000000, one of the "four seasons watch" has become a highlight of the exhibition.   the exhibition,Breitling watches, selected Shenyang, Harbin, the Earl of Anshan 5 city,Replica watches, and the four seasons watch is only a set of asia. According to the count China Regional Director Mr. Qiu introduction, this set of lady watches in the world has released 4 sets,PATEK PHILIPPE GRAND COMPLICATIONS WATCHES, divided into "spring Wisteria", "summer wheat" and "dancing autumn maple red" and "Mei winter snow", the total value of about 3000000, the pattern is hand drawn Ming inlaid diamond enamel paint. According to the introduction, this table just display has been ordered.

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