17 If only the count just wearing a gold watch 10 days strike

        17 If only the count just wearing a gold watch 10 days "strike" brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches "afraid of where we can’t buy purchased count table, we only from Shanxi to Beijing to buy the results, just wear 10 days not to walk." Yesterday afternoon, from Shanxi’s Mr. Sun told reporters, his cousin Mr. Zheng in Beijing to buy a 170000 yuan count brand gold watch out, they came to Beijing, to watch the shop for saying.   Mr. Sun said, cousin to Beijing last December 25th, the royal jewelry watches new Dongan store bought this count table, table is imported from Switzerland, belongs to the international top brands; the chain is 18K platinum do, is very fine, the price is 170000 yuan, can not want to go back to just after wearing the 10 day, the table will not go, put a few days after the table and took a few days, then simply do not move. Mr. Zheng is busy because of work, until March 25th with Beijing to watch shop, a week after Mr. Zheng again to Beijing to "seek explanation". Watch shop table table has returned to normal after maintenance.   "he is not willing to buy a car, buy so expensive watches, was carefully, afraid to touch also didn’t fall, what is the problem? In case of bad how to do? We came all the way,http://www.24onhere.com, not apt to Beijing watch repair ah!" Mr. Sun said,www.timeonhere.com, cousin have something urgent has left Beijing, treatment by his cousin, they are very concerned about the table will be a problem, want a watch shop to guarantee, to a problem they want to retreat, can watch shop did not agree with the.   yesterday afternoon, reporters call the Beijing royal jewelry watches new Dongan store manager Song said, the shop sold the count table is the formal channels,Patek Philippe, Mr. Zheng bought this watch found problems directly to get the count table in Beijing service center detection, service center with no quality problem report. Mr. Zheng the count table should be out of the question, wear so, according to the terms of the contract "within 7 days of quality problems Baotuibaohuan,www.timesaleon.com, 2 year warranty, life-long maintenance", the shop will not be able to guarantee Mr. Zheng return; the pure hand-made mechanical watch, not particularly robust, need to be especially careful when wearing. This point in the sold out when they have to remind the customer.   subsequently, the reporter also call the count table in Beijing service center, the staff Liu consulting Mr. Zheng said the table records, the table is caused by the magnetic pointer stop movement, professionals of the table and the movement of degaussing conducted a comprehensive maintenance, guarantee the table has been fully restored to normal.

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