Interpretation of the Divine Comedy 2892A2 Swiss Movement

        read the Divine Comedy 2892A2 movement Swiss watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watch –> –>       the best movement must use as little as possible parts design, and then form a perfect comprehensive performance system. Some watch as the core issues must be sent back to the Swiss factory repair. Except for the high cost of repair, spent in the mail on time and costs a lot. In view of this situation, many senior watch manufacturers have chosen the ETA2892-A2 core making watches.       since ETA  after that, in 1976 launched the 2892 core   the movement experienced 2892289222892  the evolution of A2. 2892A2 is using the most advanced technology, whether in the material or the movement structure showed excellent quality, to perfect.       2892    A2  is characterized by stable, durable, easy to repair, with a little adjustment, its precision can reach the Swiss official Observatory standards; and the core size is smaller,aphublot, thinner, and easy extension function. 30  over the years, 2892 withstood various tests. It uses powerful fact be above suspicion doubt that he is one of the classic Swiss tabulation movement in the history of. Although some movement in the accuracy and durability can and it competes,   but no one can win it in the comprehensive quality. Whether independent watchmaker,,   or is the top brand,   have adopted it as the basis for making the watch movement.       control system of       2892  A2    spring occupies a clockwork spring box 75% of the space (usually old movement of 50%). Because the spring is the source of core power, enough torque, so   2892  A2  spring is hard. This is needed to improve the automatic system winding efficiency against strong mainspring force, therefore, 2892    A2  use the ETA micro gear. This by ETA  the special tooth invention is also used in gear and gear shaft. It can be used to minimize friction,Hublot watches, in order to improve the efficiency of transmission system.           drive system;   2892    A2  train layout will head round, round and second wheel (four rounds) arranged in a straight line, the escapement wheel slightly near..

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