Zhang Jingchu radar table shaping the future hand in hand

        Zhang Jingchu hand radar table "shaping the future" brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches with new brand manifesto "Rado,tag heuer watches, shaping the future"   the introduction of a new term, Rado brand ambassador also opened the mysterious veil — strength star Zhang Jingchu. "We are looking for a beautiful fresh healthy image, unique and full of vitality,http://www.buyonfake.com, can continue to challenge themselves, to have a long-term development potential."   radar table Oliver  vice president Chinese area; Heil Hailifo like Mr. description of brand image ambassador expectations. While Zhang Jingchu is certainly consistent with this series of requirements — won the fifty-fifth session of Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear award, and has just won the sixth session of the Chinese film media awards, was USA Time called a on the international stage of the pioneer women film. All this, all agree without prior without previous consultation with the radar table brand spirit.           Zhang Jingchu’s endorsement of Ceramica whole new ceramic series watch,http://www.chronoonhere.com, the overall use of high-tech ceramics is not easy to wear,aphublot, simple design elegant, is not only a nice watch, is a classic jewelry.  

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