An electronic watch is equipped with electronic components inside the table, general component of li

        electronic watch is equipped with electronic components inside the table, generally divided into liquid crystal display digital and quartz pointer type two. Watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches mechanical watch: [English]mechanical watch mechanical watch is usually divided into the following two types: hand mixing and automatic mixing watch (AUTOMATIC) two. The two power source machinery is on in the movement of a spring as power to drive the gear, and push hands, just the power source is different. Hand mixing of mechanical table by manual winding, core thickness of general automatic mixing table thin, relative only watch the whole weight is lighter. While the automatic mixing of watches, power is the core at the bottom of the automatic disc swing generated to drive the wind generated energy, but relative to watch the thickness will be more general hand mixing watch some thick. The advantages of mechanical watch is: through regular maintenance cleaning, can be used for a long time; but the drawback is: error than the quartz watch, due to the production quality level and effect of internal movement easily by the force of gravity and the error. Mechanical watch is usually error with everyday difference how many seconds, while the error of quartz watch is the monthly difference how many seconds to calculate spring is to provide energy for the watches around in the box. The milling groove wind axes. The square groove shaft is driven by a mechanism. Watch in no article on the case,, which can travel 36 to 50 hours. Due to undergo significant wind stress, which often leads to fracture, therefore, at present, the alloy material, the spring is almost not fracture. A spring to store certain energy, with a uniform amount allocated to the oscillator. Therefore, the energy provided by round column group, transmission power reduction by wheel column group in the same proportion at the same time, increase the number of turns. The column group includes 4 and 4 gear wheel, 3 wheel is riveted in the former 3 gear. In the diagram, slash dynamic engaging members, and horizontal said moving parts in the same shaft riveting. The first round is circular milling gear box gear. Finally,, a wheel escapement wheel, escapement wheel riveting in the gear. The escapement wheel is allocating mechanism and counter. A box of rotary a circle of about 6 hours, in this period of time, the escapement gear and escapement rotating around 3600 laps. This number represents the first round and finally a wheel rotating frequency ratio. The ratio is always in the range of values. The general tried to make the gear and wheel in the center of the watch, and every hour to circle. Mechanical watch repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and collision. Mechanical watch unless marked with waterproof function, otherwise must avoid watchcase of water, because water will cause mechanical corrosion, very destructive. Seawater is untouchable. Even indicate the water table, also can have the waterproof guarantee a year, because the table waterproof ring after a full year loss,, external factors with sweat, dust and various inevitable, will be tired, so after a year must change the waterproof ring, otherwise not have waterproof function. Waterproof,breitling watches, to prevent collision. In the economic.

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