$2200000 of the world’s most expensive chart

        $2200000 of the world’s most expensive watch brand name watch,IWC watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,luxury swiss, sapphire watches a Patek Philippe watch 12 days in Swiss Geneva shoot sky high price. An anonymous buyer for 1100000 pounds ($2200000) price will its income bursa. This watch has thus become the world’s most expensive watch. This watch is made in 1932, called "· Lezhen trossi; take", is a Patek Philippe gold second watch. In 1100000 pounds ($2200000) price of transactions, it has also become a day Sotheby auction watch auction the brightest spot. Watch master Tero and the count had been the president of Italy Ferrari automobile company,Breitling, was also an amateur racer and pilots. Sotheby auction watch director A De said, it is a perfect combination of Patek Philippe international brands and luxury car makers, the Earl of Teloch, to make this watch is out of the ordinary. "A beautifully symbolic and historical significance of the watch. It has seen many racing along with the owner, and appeared in the aircraft cockpit, "A De said. Sotheby auction this watch auction gathered 193 luxury watch. In addition to Patek Philippe watch brand, a built in 1980, named "Paul Newman" Rolex watches with the price of 76000 pounds was bought. After Sotheby auction this watch auction,tag heuer watch, the auction house auction house Christie’s famous later will be held in Switzerland in 2008 Spring Auction of jewelry. Then, some rare chromatic diamond will be unveiled at the auction. .btmSearch{text-align:left; clear:both; padding-left:25px.Link_2008_0709 a,.Link_2008_0709 a:visited{color:#c00; text-decoration:none.Link_2008_0709 a:hover,.Link_2008_0709 a:active{color:#c00; text-decoration:underline

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