The count — jewelry timepieces

        the count — jewelry timer watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch founder George · the count (Georges Piaget) was founded in 1874 at the time the Swiss Piaget watch because of its exquisite jewel and delicate artistic style, make every count table is a piece of art, combining the intellectual, aesthetic, stamina and technique of art. "Every watch the count" has a unique and elegant characteristics, each diamond watches are carefully cut and polish, and a combination of intellectual, aesthetic and exquisite craftsmanship, the achievements of a strike a deep chord fashion art. The Swiss Piaget fine watchmaking skills, "jewelry timer" reputation, even being hailed as "one of the eight wonders of the world, and the Pyramid of Egypt, Chinese of the Great Wall, Babylon gardens, the Pharos Lighthouse,, the statue of Zeus, Artemis Temple of God, Mao Solo J’s tomb, the Colossus of Rhodes famous temple. The count table to rely on high quality be consistent from beginning to end, from the first 1874, Piaget specializing in movement most top grade, with a precise movement and superior materials. Even today, the count table for himself as the Swiss watch factory in a few There remained but a single one. "made" brands and proud. Made in a special factory in art gem table, also make the count accumulated a large variety and number of records, the foot can be proud of. "Always do better than the better" is not only the count table founder motto, also direct count table studio members along the principle. In this purpose, Piaget created many classic watches, they not only become a symbol of the count table, is in the world the perfect symbol of luxury watches, global fashion taste typical. Technology and art to create the perfect personality Piaget founder George · the count with many of his peers, he owned a farm, long time winter let him have a lot of free time,aphublot, he will be running device of his creation and invention to transfer applications in the design and production of mechanical watches and so. Did not expect, a lot of praise George · count tabulation technology and design talent reputation spread, tab order flow like water, thus opening the Piaget’s founding road. The Swiss Jura Mountains and deep concealed a small village, can seek to have firm and indomitable perseverance and patience. 130 years ago, George · the count of small villages in the plain created Earl table factory. Later, the Swiss government in recognition of the count to Switzerland’s honor, especially in this village named Earl village, it has become one of the famous tourist attractions in switzerland. George · the count he was a farmer,Replica watches, he and many Swiss farmers, spring harvest, summer working in the field, the winter hibernation in the house. When the village houses are thick snow cover, in the warm light of firewood, they choose in the manufacture of high precision mechanical movement to spend the long winter, isolated from the outside world.

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