OMEGA 30 years ten classic constellation series

        OMEGA 30 years ten classic constellation watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches,, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,Replica watch, sapphire watches since the OMEGA brand in the early 1980’s in Sotheby’s and Antiquorum auction authority, worthy of collection of OMEGA auction prices always rising in the.         in 2007 April, the world watches lovers are highly concerned about special Antiquorum OMEGA mania auction auction, each with several times higher valuation auction, an Asian collectors to 413700 Swiss francs for successfully photographed the platinum luxury constellation watches, it is the history of the highest auction price of OMEGA watches. Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale" 007 wear the hippocampus, the auction price has reached a staggering 250250 Swiss francs.         OMEGA watches over the past 30 years the most popular frequently appeared in the international auction houses, often at a price. The auction, constellation series has been one of the watches OMEGA’s most famous and most popular, over half of 1962 the Swiss Observatory Certificate (50.5%) are awarded to the constellation series; and much attention has been paid to OMEGA pocket watch with 15 of them extremely rare enamel watch most catch hold, they are designed for 1914 in Bern the Swiss National exposition held exclusive manufacturing, at present only two watch spread so far.         international watch collectors are very enthusiastic about OMEGA, even some rise above the common herd but no OMEGA watch movement named special are the most loved collections. For example, OMEGA 19 to Grade DDR or 21 order movement (record Observatory table, core diameter of only 47.7 mm), or very rare with Guillaume balance wheel hairspring and 23 gems. Some collectors revel in that section of OMEGA in 1914, specifically for Bourne held in the Swiss National exposition and manufacturing, very rare and precious enamel watch,, as well as the 1947 medal precious tourbillon watch.         both in the Vatican and in outer space, whether in the house or in the Olympic Games,, all the rich, celebrities gather, have OMEGA figure. Each section of OMEGA is the one and only attractive, let us to count and appreciation, thirty years OMEGA’s most popular watch.         1 platinum luxury constellation watch         413700 Swiss francs (2007) — this is the highest ever auction price OMEGA watch, as Asian collectors all.     &n.

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