China will become a luxury paradise

        Chinese luxury watch brand will become a paradise, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches "China has rapidly from a luxury products processing base,, become a luxury consumer base". The surveyed WGSN Asia Pacific General Manager Harris said: "Chinese are repeat Japanese luxury consumer frenzy. In twentieth Century 80 in the late 1990s Japan into ‘sign with’, triggered a luxury brand war,, the luxury goods group first highly unified and intentnesses to put all the thought for the same consumer market. Now the situation in China repeat."         despite the past two years, but often people refer to Dunhill in Beijing "798" to do the activities — a Harley team back, a Cui Jian concert,, there are all kinds of Beijing snacks. As the party organizer, Chen Min told reporters, when her idea is to attract young consumers, let Dunhill become rebellious some. People always say that this brand is "English gentleman", but this image is fuzzy, who also say not clear "English gentleman" what, just look older. From 2007 to 2008, various activities emerge in an endless stream of luxury brands, we came to the scene to look, drink a cup of wine left, the party Dunhill to guests leave much later, listen to the old Cui rock.         Dunhill young measures from the beginning of 2004, they signed actor Jude · Luo, promoting its new image in the world, the domestic market, Dunhill best selling product is a "Porchette" handbag, cortical British price 8000 yuan, leather and canvas Turkey property price 2000 yuan. "This handbag is selling very well, many middle-aged men it mobile phone, wallet and other debris, and ran to the LV store that pack toiletries bag when the handbag, fashion handbag for this fundamental will disappear from the scene, subtlety and this is the fashion. Some products, the more people use it, you will find many should not have people with this thing also, so you need not,TAG HEUER, and you are not." Perhaps is because had left Dunhill, Chen Min said this embarrassing handbag quite frankly, "buy luxury goods may be rich, but the leading fashion is more and more well-educated people".         Shanghai Huaihailu Road No. 796 is a new club Dunhill cost 300000000 Yuan to build, this is aimed at those who spend the most money in the store to customers, the consumption of more than 200000 yuan accounted for only 10% of the total number of customers, but to occupy more than 50% of sales, store long remember these customers each the name of the person. Another class of the most valued customers are young group first purchase. In fact, each brands are competing for the young.

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