PERREGAUX Enzo Faralito flywheel timing and calendar of wrist watch

        PERREGAUX "Enzo · Ferrari Tourbillon chronograph and calendar of wrist watch brand" watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,Breitling, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch GP PERREGAUX lists a total of seven series, and is one of the Ferrari series. 10 years ago, for the pursuit of the cause and similar cultural connotations, PERREGAUX table and Ferrari team decided to establish a true partnership, sharing brilliant history of their. To commemorate the cooperative efforts of 10 years, and advanced technology and ensure rival, PERREGAUX watches designers to create a new table, namely "Enzo · Ferrari Tourbillon chronograph watch and calendar Memorial",, its technology and molding is both unique and bold!          , · –; Ferrari,, is the maker of Maranello has ever launched the most complex sports car, but also Ferrari family in a paragon of models.         — three Jinqiao Chronograph Tourbillon and perpetual calendar watch, it is one of the most daring design styles in the family of PERREGAUX table,Replica watches free shipping, the complexity of process, fully embodies the watchmaker’s have great originality.         PERREGAUX "Enzo · Ferrari Tourbillon chronograph and calendar Memorial watches" with 4 monitors in charcoal gray matter on the dial, have great originality integrate timer and calendar functions together, date pointer and second hand is arranged at the twelve o’clock position, 24 hours and the phases of the moon pointer display at the three o’clock position, week and 12 hours of display is arranged on the six o’clock position, with minute display and 4 years in the nine o’clock position display, automatic correction of less than 31 days, even in a leap year can do.         designers in the year ring with color and Ferrari racing on the instrument panel color, make it unique concept and formula one perfectly together. However, the use of technology and aesthetic genius tabulation are far from the trace of color can express. Just have a look back of the table, you can appreciate that a new Jinqiao three Tourbillon movement charm. Tourbillon that marked the three root arrow type, and the standard disc corresponding to each other, standard disc surface is skillfully used geometric pattern manual carving out decoration. Only the fine satin modified through a magnifying glass to fully appreciate.

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