Grace to conquer all the Longines Watch

        grace to conquer all the Longines watch watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches from the initial choice of positioning, to win support among the people of today "elegant", with a history of 176 years, Longines table so far conquered the world many people love table heart. Longines table interpretation of "elegance" is what? For women, elegance is a kind of temperament,, a kind of inner cultivation; to a man it is elegant, more focused on the internal, such as experience, wisdom, conversation etc.. In the Basel World2008 exhibition, we had favour to interview Longines global CEO Hokeno (Walter  Von, Kaenel) is not only a glimpse of 2008 listed the new style, the more chance to thoroughly understand Longines table after a hundred years after precipitation of brand essence. The watch is an endowed with special souvenir LIFE STYLE: do you think the end is a watch what baby? Hokeno (hereinafter referred to as Huo): watch just read time tool, it is one is endowed with a special souvenir. Watch timer function in slowly fading by watch and remember the next moment in history or historical event is gradually enlarged. For example, in 1912 the Longines table to create a historic moment in the world games; for the flight home even pull (Lindbergh) first solo across the Atlantic to calculate flight time, followed by more in accordance with design even pull manufacturing Hour angle navigation watch; in 1979, Longines cooperation with other brands of watches and clocks, developed a "Feuille D" Or "watch, to become the world’s most thin quartz watch; the 1984 launch of the famous Conquest watches, equipped with a highly accurate movement, all of this can explain the watch is not only read time tool, it’s more a matter of were given a special souvenir. Another example of this year launched Longines table even pull commemorative edition engraved table,tag heuer watches, not only the function of full replication,, and the table cover can be opened, with a pocket watch nature, if you have a special feeling to the flight table, it must be your rare treasures. Longines advocating mainstream fashion LIFE STYLE: what do you think is the Longines table can move most Chinese consumers? Huo: of course is the mainstream". Classic is a fashion, but is always the fashion. And what is the classic, that is "the mainstream". "If you want to display a noble, you can choose to have the Royal origin watches; if you want to fashion, there are a lot of Fanshio table available…… But if you want the most elegant of the mainstream, it should buy Longines watches!" Standing business perspective, only under market segmentation. So, in the beginning we decided to focus Longines table eventually locked for "elegant", and the location of the target group expanded to young gens. We have also introduced a fashionable sport watch in 2008,tag heuer watch, to join the black gray ceramic materials, not only the continuation of the elegant, also let watch wear.

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