Audemars Pigeut refine on creating complex functional watch arts event (Fig.

        Audemars Pigeut refine on creating complex functional watch arts event (Figure) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch in 2001, the Audemars Pigeut watch factory is a color crystal Tourbillon watches in the Edward Piguet series, the board with small red Golden Crystal Gold Rutilated Quartz ore production, while the board itself is dial. In 2005, another green ore Tourbillon was born, with a natural translucent moss agate ore board, become one of the watches Audemars Pigeut watch factory the most creative. Today, Audemars Pigeut to perfection in one’s studies. technology, again will use the machine plate material extends to another natural ore quartz class, create a new Blue Chalcedony board with color.     Millenary Millennium chalcedony Tourbillon watch   Audemars Pigeut with its abundant experience of using the natural ores,tag heuer watch, tabulation division first selected the most rugged and flawless parts in a natural chalcedony ore,, then cut out the prototype machine to machine and cutting plate technology developed exclusively, the Audemars Pigeut APRP factory time-consuming five years the sole research, made and patented device, is the use of a mixed abrasive in the liquid in the ultrasonic machining technology, the cutting precision is up to one percent mm, but the cutting method is very time-consuming: per second 4 millions of vibration frequency,Replica watches for sale, removal of 1mm material takes an hour a week, can only cut a piece of board. But this is only the preliminary work. Tabulation Division also construct movement on board on the little and dainty, ready to risk making machine plate gap or scratches. Therefore, the assembly process requires a bipolar for skilled hands, finally can be made translucent chalcedony board as the bud silk.   core design contains unlimited poetic fusion jewelry and mechanical technology two. Sapphire crystal edge decoration transparent dial with two Rose Gold Diamond ring. Engraved in the dial on the silver Arabia digital time scale is still inherited the eccentric aesthetic style Millenary Millennium Series feature of. Four decorative rose gold diamond ring at the top of chalcedony board staggered overlap, creating a three-dimensional effect. Between these designed to beautify the movement of exquisite jewelry cleverly shuttle in the mechanical device of the gear, the gear manipulation clockwise, with big, small wheel engraved Arabia type cyclotron pattern draw golden. A volute spiral ornamentation of the barrel cover and the second hollow bridge plate and the plate pattern com. Sky blue, pearl Rhizoma Bletillae rose gold color woven into a beautiful picture, an oblivious, 45 mm Rose Gold Diamond Bezel like bright full frame, with stylish Brown natural pearl stingray strap,breitling watches, perfect. Jules Audemars carved Tourbillon chronograph   Jules Audemars carved Tourbillon chronograph is Jules Audemars complex latest darling function series, equipped with the new Cal. 72 hours long-lasting power storing 2889 manual.

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