Breguet Tourbillon Watch

        Breguet Tourbillon watches brand watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch,, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch Breguet (  Breguet) the art and culture of Europe, created many classic treasure, despising the altar table. Breguet table (Breguet) was established to date, with innovative design and invention, many including: tourbillon, spring time, timepiece shockproof device, single pointer table,Hublot watches for sale, touching the table, set the standard for the entire senior watch industry. Bao Ji (Breguet) clock works, without one not to reflect the top-level tabulation process is modeled, let people appreciate watch the beauty of art at the same time, the connotation of the humanistic spirit of a glimpse of Bao Ji.       Tourbillon No.1188 Tourbillon pocket watch positive       Tourbillon No.1188 Tourbillon pocket watch movement           No.1188 Tourbillon watch Breguet (Breguet) is one of the most amazing works. This piece by Breguet master hand crafted third Tourbillon watch Tourbillon pocket watch, is currently the world’s oldest dates. Breguet master he only made 35 Tourbillon table, the number of rare, this No.1188 Tourbillon pocket watch is not only precious and indicative of the memorial significance. And display focus watches — Classique1808 in 2008 Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, is a continuation of the design of Breguet Tourbillon watch more than 200 years, and No.1188 Tourbillon pocket watch the common interpretation of the flow of time. Two Tourbillon watch, mutual reflect, the interpretation of the eternal classic quenched from the time.         Classique 1808 Grande Complication           represents the tourbillon device one of the immortal invention Breguet Breguet (Breguet), in order to win the modern watchmaking ancestor status. Breguet Tourbillon master invention, is to influence the correction of gravity caused by the clock. Breguet master came up with a way to reduce the influence of gravity balance wheel running device, to increase the accuracy of watches, the device in June 26, 1801, by the French Interior Minister awarded Tourbillon patents, and the invention is named "tourbillon" (Tourbillon). French Tourbillon "whirlpool" in Italy, Tourbillon is a combination of transliteration and free translation. Principle of Breguet tourbillon,tag heuer watches, is the balance wheel hairspring, escapement wheel, etc., Ma Chai, splints, fixed in a frame, around the axis of the balance wheel to do a 360 degree rotation, so that the entire balance and escapement device along the coaxial rotation per minute at a time, with action timing rotation cuts watch.

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