Leather strap for easy maintenance method

        leather strap for easy maintenance method watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,http://www.chronoonhere.com, sapphire watch leather strap for easy maintenance method –3s general principle of oil can be used for the maintenance of leather leather strap. If the belt to wear for a long time, sweat taste is very heavy,www.chronoonhere.com, so use a small brush dipped in a little soapy water, quickly will dirty place to scrub clean with water,http://www.timeon24.com, then quickly washed clean, and then dry cloth, then coated with some leather oil (sensitive skin, recommended not to use any back oil) the best, the whole cleaning process is completed in 10 to 20 seconds, in order to avoid infiltration and influence of cortical soap. Belt table maintenance that is not difficult, as long as the usual concern, you can make it "prolong life", what is there against it? The so-called 3S principle, refers to the use and cortex (skin) compatible with the lotion,http://www.brand-copy-jp.com, soft (soft), fast (soon) wet cloth to dry naturally. Usually should avoid strap contact with water, accidentally get wet, should be permitted to dry after wearing, to avoid the smell; sleep is the best band placed in ventilated place, let the cortical cells open breathing; winter hardening strap is large, easy to have a curved shape, then do not reverse folded, so as not to damage the cortex.

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