Antique watches in recent years, the rise in a large space

        antique watches brand name list in the appreciation of space, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,Replica watches for sale, quartz watches, sapphire watches on the century 50’s production of table. In recent years, the international high-end watches prices, also make the antique watches price rises, especially some limited edition international rare watches, the auction price or even tens of millions yuan. In many high-grade watches in Switzerland, high-grade watches the most representative. Watch collectors Xie introduction, there will be some 5%~10% watch brand almost annual increment, watch the auction price is rising, in Hongkong in 2006 Christie’s auction, a Patek Philippe stainless steel chronograph, took out of HK $910000, the other a women’s 18K gold diamond oval circa, the transaction price to HK $2580000. "In general the more expensive watches material precious varieties of rare, the auction price is higher. There was a Patek Philippe watch, again in 1999 11002500 dollars’ and ‘auction market." Collection of experts Liang Bingnan added. Watch collection value list of six aspects are mainly divided into two categories, one is the watch, two is a pocket watch, general Foshan people like a collection of watches, not much interested in people who watch. Then, a collection of watches have any tricks? Xie Mei that watch collectors collection value first brand, the second is rare. In addition, material, function, date of production, products are also determines its value to the collection. Collection of experts Liang Bingnan said, case material the most precious is platinum, K gold, 14 were 18 gold, 9K gold, silver,luxury swiss, Bao Jin, silver packets, steel and other categories, and the function is more complex, the older products more perfect, more appreciation potential. And under the same conditions, special-shaped watches than conventional watch to be valuable,Hublot watches for sale, such as a square shell than circular shell is expensive, rectangular shell for housing is expensive, triangle than square your. Identify key process movement because of antique watches collection value is high, also make the market of counterfeit wind. It is understood, these counterfeit watches a professional table factory, there are also some cheat, case and accessories mix construction It is often seen. in the secondary market. Watch collectors Xie took a 50’s in last century 14 karat gold watchcase Longines, let reporters carefully observe the process of its appearance, then open the rear cover let reporter observed movement. Unexpectedly, after half a century later, the watch movement is still bright and clean as new, parts above inscribed as fine as mosquitoes, brand name and model,aphublot, through a magnifying glass observation found that writing is still clear and uniform. "There are two kinds of main watch fake techniques, one has spare parts processing professional table factory, these factories imitation watches often can mix the spurious with the genuine; another is to assemble the fake, as will watch case and common core assembly, but appearances can imitate the movement, but absolutely do not leave, the collection must be special attention is best to open the back cover, watch movement." Mr. Xie said

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