Swiss watch on collective prices surge

        Swiss watch on collective prices surge watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Swiss watch the annual collective prices seems to have been the practice, already be accustomed to the industry, but this practice in this year is somewhat "licence", from the beginning up to now only the first half of the year, many Swiss watches such as OMEGA (OMEGA) has adjusted the price of two,, but rarely the price of Rolex also could not help but began to price adjustment, a few Swiss watch price range is about 5%-20%. However, with the previous rising sales and better the situation is different, have the watches sales company said, during the period from five to June, the Swiss watch sales fell 20-30%. "This year, the Swiss watch rose in some fierce." A clock management company said, just two weeks ago, OMEGA issued a price adjustment notice, a portion of the table section of the 5%-20% prices, a price is in 13300 yuan watch price reached 14500 yuan, and the other a cost price 76700 yuan watches price reached 81600 yuan. And the price is OMEGA this year, has second times the previous year, OMEGA will only tune once. "Not only the price increase, even with high discount." A OMEGA watch dealer said, all the original OMEGA counters can enjoy 8% off discount, now the lowest can only reach about 5% off, although not the sale price, but the guest bill at a time when more expenditure. Not only is OMEGA (OMEGA), in fact almost from the beginning to the present, the Swiss watch stopped price. Two months ago, Amy,Hublot watches for sale, Tudor has price adjustment in place, the price range at around 5%. June Breguet also apply for price adjustment, price increases in 5%-11%, because the price is quite expensive, the price also is especially obvious, a price 295600 yuan watch price reached 311800 yuan. And on Tuesday, the price adjustment notice zenith, TAG Heuer single also down, are planning to raise prices 5%-10% from the beginning of the week. After several rounds of price adjustment, many watches the price has been higher than 1 years ago has greatly increased, as OMEGA watches, the release of the new basic is in 30000 yuan of above, while the previous 20000 table -4 million is the best selling, want to raise the price of intention is very apparent, and hundreds of thousands of clock slightly the price adjustment, at several million, 300000 watch, after adjusting the price of three or four, become 400000 yuan. "Swiss watch ‘movement’ in the market monopoly, determines its price is very easy to rise." According to industry sources,, the Basel Watch Fair, many Swiss watch brands have launched a movement of their own research and development,, due to the increase in R & D of mechanical watch, raw materials are also rising, at that time it was predicted, many Swiss watches will collective prices. In fact, the rapid reaction to the terminal market prices. Among them, especially in some gold price increases even more, because of the international gold prices have soared, led directly to make gold watch, Rolex and other brands have also forced not.

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