Mont Blanc MontBlanc launched a new top table Villeret 1858 series

        Mont Blanc, MontBlanc launched a new top table Villeret 1858 series brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watch in 2006 October, is located in Luoshan District, Richemont group M & a Jurassic Villeret Minerva SA machine factory, and dominated by the MontBlanc Mont Blanc brand, declaration MontBlanc deep watch, especially top-level tabulation field determination. The Minerva was founded in 1858 to develop self movement and exquisite craft level is world-famous, this year, MontBlanc launched Villeret 1858 top series with new name. Including 47 mm Grand Chronographe Authentique and 41 mm Chronographe Authentique two single by the 30 minute chronograph, and divided into 47 and 41 mm in size two needle table Seconde Grande mistress Authentique and Seconde Authentique, all series are included 950 or 18 carat platinum watchcase, and preparation of patent metal after the bottom protection Gai,TAG HEUER, proposed price range from about 25000 to 75000 euros. Vileret 1858 Seconde Grande Authentique Caliber 16-15 Villeret 1858 Seconde Authentique Caliber 62-00 MontBlanc Villeret 1858 series are equipped with hand chain movement are the most stringent tabulation of traditional build, and YISHION manual polishing, chamfering and decoration, reflect the highest peak of the art technology, beautiful figure shows amazing. Except with the rhodium plated silver German machine, gooseneck style fine-tuning device,, in particular, all Villeret 1858 movement are equipped with large size screw compensation hairspring balance wheel,, respectively is 14.5 and 11.21 mm in diameter. The size of the balance wheel and the balance wheel hairspring even specializes in the manufacture of the escapement wheel factory did not provide, must be made by the Minerva table Institut Minerva de Recherche en plant Haute Horlogerie studio hand finished, so every year around can only produce 200 to 300 Villeret 1858 watches. All 1858 Grand Chronographe Authentique Caliber Villeret 16-29 Villeret 1858 series of movement has arrow shaped pattern, derived from Minerva Logo and in the Cal.16-29 chronograph movement, the totem is the decoration in the table at the end of the stop lever, and the Cal. 62-00.

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