Alarm clock, minute hand, second hand odd clockwise with reverse rotation

        clock, minute hand, second hand clockwise odd with reverse rotation watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,luxury swiss, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches often hear people expect to "turn back time", but this desire come true, only to find it is a kind of worry. This is not the day before yesterday, Mr. Zou downtown to buy an alarm clock minute hand, second hand walk backwards, he will be in the depth of night wake up, let him know.   Zou Xiansheng is the long distance running Association of long-distance running team, everyday in the morning 6 when to get up on time, to the stadium or the hall at the foot of exercise. Previously, he used the mobile phone when the alarm clock, but there are a few times,Hublot watches, mobile phone power off cause he can’t get up on time, therefore, Mr. Zou yesterday rushed to the small commodity market, spent 15 yuan to buy a small electronic alarm clock, hope it can bring their own "downtown" up on time.   10 pm yesterday evening, Mr. Zou before going to bed when the alarm clock for 6, and went to bed. Sleep, Mr. Zou was awakened by the alarm clock ring,, opened his eyes a look, the window is also black, went to the window and looked out the sky and the stars, but the alarm clock time is 6 good. Open mobile phone a look, it is 2 a.m..   puzzle of Mr. Zou holding the clock in a daze, only to find that,, the second hand is actually going backwards, a ring for a full minute, a minute hand also regressed, thus clockwise followed back down. So now, when he went to bed is in the evening 10 when, back 4 hours after the alarm rang 6. Reporters saw yesterday  . This strange alarm whole red, heart-shaped, transposon is emblazoned with the word Love, but the second is indeed a grid of backward reverse rotation. It is engaged in watch repair nearly 30 years of the original Hendry watch shop staff master Hu introduction, this is due to the electronic alarm clock in the stepper motor, the rotor and the stator installing anti eccentric angle, which may exist in the electronic timepiece, especially inferior products, but very rare on the market.   Hu said the master, the alarm clock "turn back time", not necessarily to return, can play "collection". Zou Xiansheng also played the elimination of change idea, decided to buy a.  

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