Panerai LUMINOR MARINA southpaws watch PAM026

        MARINA Panerai LUMINOR southpaws watch PAM026 watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches this watch in Pana sea is the rarest period of a famous classic wrist table to build, is designed for the assault during the second world war one of the watches diving the husband to create. This manual on the chain of 44 mM Luminor Marina southpaws watch is the Panerai introduced this year special limited edition watches, only global limited production of 1000 only. Many details will be closely linked with the historical period with the watch Panerai well-known in the world. In 1940’s,, Panerai produced a few special watch list, the crown and the surrounding guard bridge alignment and the nine o’clock position, rather than a general at the three o’clock position, so that the commandos in the left hand wearing a compass or a depth gauge and no position to wear watches, the band on the right hand,Replica watches, left hand to control the watch the crown. Luminor series is the development of history’s first see professional diving watches, Panerai innovation the most important, is the Panerai design a set of new waterproof system, in order to improve the waterproof performance on the list of the crown. Panerai no longer use rotary design, but through the micro lever mounted on the crown guard on the bridge, the crown is pressed into the case. It is the perfect device installed in the appearance of new 44 mM Luminor Marina southpaws watch left (i.e. the dial on the left). The results, advantages of this watch not only has the waterproof to a depth of up to 300 meters, but also because of the support on the crown of the bridge and the list of "left" layout, at the three o’clock position unique small seconds dial and highly aesthetic value. Luminor Marina left PAM026 /PVD watch special sturdy steel case / black coating diameter 44 mM / hour,luxury swiss, minute, small second hand / Panerai proprietary OP II hand chain movement / 56 hours power reserve / PVD special strong fine steel bridge / black coating sapphire crystal glass / waterproof 300 meters / Panerai personalized leather strap pricing, NT $261000. This new watches Panerai with a diameter of 44 mM, 47 mm compared to the original watches for comfortable wear, with block material made of stainless steel case, and uses the PVD special processing, improve the scratch resistant performance. Watchcase plating bronze, not reflective, and contact with the skin surface by grinding fine steel. Watchcase modeling with Luminor table section of the classic style, circular table ring support in four angle grinding cushion type watchcase round, wide strap attachment straight and can withstand all the external impact strength. To withstand the 300 m deep (watch in 400 meters deep acceptance testing) pressure, the use of special thick (3.5 mm) sapphire glass. In order to anti reflective treatment, to prevent the reading dial by reflection interference, the dial itself by another patent — sandwich design panerai.

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