The 60 anniversary of the birth of the movado museum dial

        movado museum dial the 60 anniversary of the birth of brand watches, Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch,/, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, watches Movado sapphire   founded in 1881 in Switzerland La Schade Finn, Movado in art creation on the road, with its own unique temperament has written 126 years of glorious history.   it is particularly worth mentioning is the movado museum in table  . The watch disk available in 1947, by the famous artist Nathan · George · Howett hand on the dial, only a single dot,Replica watches for sale, located at the twelve o’clock position, a symbol of the sun at noon. Now, this design has become a representative of modernism as. Museum watch watch design as a patent and has numerous awards, in the past 60 years,, and constantly bring forth the new through the old, evolved a variety of style. To celebrate the 60 anniversary of the movado museum dial birthday, especially the launch of the new chic timepiece group, a total of three: "60 concepts" (Concept  60) watch, "60 mm Museum" (Museum  60mm) watch and "hollow out window Museum" (Museum  Skeleton  Opening) watch.

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