15000000 Yuan Breguet watch Top Shanghai

        15000000 Yuan Breguet watch top watch brand in Shanghai, the Swiss watch brand,Patek Philippe watches, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   yesterday, President Ramada’s top watch brand Swatch group — "Breguet" Vice President RodolpheM.Schulthess and high China area at Shanghai, will be announced in October this year will be the price of fifteen million yuan reprint Breguet "5 watch" the introduction of Shanghai, and began to accept the China consumer reservation.   Rodolphe expresses to the reporter, this table is the founder of the brand Breguet in 1794 hand made the famous No. 5 table reprint, at present altogether produced 5 block, completed by 130 craftsmen spent nearly two years YISHION manual. Because in almost all respects with the 1794 table is made,www.24onhere.com, so the price up to fifteen million yuan. There are currently 4 block has been sold to some countries in Europe,timeonhere.com, royal and leaders in October, Shanghai is the last piece of.   Rodolphe says, at the appointed time Breguet reservations will be accepted from China consumers, book Jin Dagai in about seven million yuan. Rodolphe told reporters, Breguet found through market research, wearing price hundreds of thousands of yuan a Breguet table Chinese consumers have not in the minority, but most of them are from foreign repurchase, Breguet therefore has strengthened the Chinese market determination. At present,http://www.sale-jp.com, Breguet has set up counters in Shanghai, Dalian, Shenyang, Harbin, Zhengzhou and Changsha.  

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