Cherie Chung luxury lineup endorsement Piaget jewelry

        Cherie Chung luxury lineup endorsements count jewelry watch brands, Swiss watch brand,Replica watches for sale, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches known as beautiful myth said, already faded out of the screen star Cherie Chung recently in Hongkong once again into public view. The beautiful image and elegance star to accept the world’s top watches and jewelry brand "count" (Piaget) cordially invite, become the brand in the Greater China region jewelry image spokesperson. More let people look forward to is, Miss Zhong recently in Hongkong especially for the count took a series of promotional photos. No doubt, this let people in to see dazzling jewelry beyond count, more can feel again that Cherie Chung can not square thing of stunning charm. As a long history of jewelry brand, world-renowned Earl countless fans. In 2005, the Earl of jewelry more will be the first official landing China mainland market,, forge for domestic female promotion set design and expensive jewelry. Therefore, the count attaches great importance to the propaganda and promotion of early, especially publicity photo shoot link. The count invited the superior strength of shooting squad,Vacheron Constantin, to ensure that the quality of publicity photo shoot. In the shooting group, has twice won the Golden Horse Award for best design Xi Zhongwen served as the artistic director of the shoot link; and the photographer has a number of award-winning film by photo shoots and enjoy Rong Industry Hongkong famous photographer Xia Yongkang surgeon. In the filming process, to ensure the beautiful photos, the count invites stylist and make-up artist Zing Lee Ben  to be responsible for Cherie Chung’s makeup hairstyle — the two referred to as "the days of Queen’s" master joined obviously while improving the gold content photography works. In such a strong shot lineup,, the final result is indeed let everyone very much looking forward to reason. The count Asia Pacific managing director Gu Teng (Dimitri  Gouten), and the count of China general agent Qiu / President Yang Baochun said they said of the Earl invited Cherie Chung as a spokesman, Cherie Chung has been to the noble and elegant temperament and health sexy image is famous at home and abroad, this is count jewelry, presented to the world the classic image. So the cooperation between the two sides can be described as "a match made in heaven", is an absolutely beautiful romance! For the grand its thing, count more in June will be held in Shanghai in large-scale conference, then count the international CEO more traveled from Switzerland to Shanghai, to meet with Cherie Chung, for the Greater China region media in-depth introduction count beautiful jewelry.

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