The aesthetic time years inlaid jewelry wonderful watch photos

        aesthetic time to time inlaid jewelry awesome photos watch brand watch, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch   also think it will package are synonymous with simple superficial? Have a look this year the newly introduced jewelry watches, the combination of art and technology exquisite absolutely will let you be struck dumb.         jewelry table development so far, have already gone beyond the necessities of life, represents the ultimate luxury. The woman seeking the new mentality requirements, jewelry table appearance is gorgeous, but so do not underestimate the connotation of jewelry table. It is not just a simple "watches and jewelry", in order to obtain uniform diamond purity grade, not only need to spend years looking for, but also hundreds of hours to cutting and inlay, different cutting method, the gem light differ,Breitling, but not conflict, mosaic precision movements, extremely difficult. Sapphire, champagne gold, ceramic,, titanium, mother of pearl…… With each kind of material are obtained after repeated test.         other breakthrough: round outside the elegant       circular watch natural shape, from the technical difficulty processing point of view,Replica watches, the round is the most consistent with the principle of mechanical power core. Square table is more difficult to design, need to address from the dial pointer arranged a series of problems to the waterproof, placement of stable movement and so on, watch other irregular might be experiencing technical coordination problem more. But with the watch technology progress, watch the appearance is gradually to jump off the original mode of circular, elliptical, barrel shaped, triangular or even more irregular curve watchcase competing, so, more convenient decoration beauty jewelry table.   gucci Signoria watch       Signoria watch designed by Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, a saddle shaped chain block chain streamlined connected by multiple, watchcase and square vivid form a sharp contrast, the saddle so revolutionary should be used to make this watch acclaimed Gucci. 200 diamond chain block is point will be its exquisite noble played most incisive.       Longines elegant watch series       2007 Longines elegant watch series is the use of case 18K platinum building of rectangular or oval shaped, with hand carved on both sides of the contemporary exquisite decorative pattern, showing a limitless elegant temperament. Veliger exquisite black pointer is protected in the scratch resistant sapphire crystal surface treatment, surface with white leather strap, each design will be the pursuit of aesthetic value as.       technological breakthroughs.

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