Brand story Wanguo table rebuild 70 years ago business

        brand story: Wanguo table: rebuild 70 years ago business watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,outletonhere, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches Wan Guobiao wrote for the pilot design products, the chain is very long,, because the pilot is not worn on the wrist, but put in coat the outside, so that when open the plane can see time is very convenient. As the nations of 10 watches table into the Chinese for more than 2 years, has many loyal customers. At the Portman Hotel Coffee hall, IWC Yan president of Asia Pacific Tian Er told us a story. "It was a lad in Dalian, one day bring a piece of production 70 years ago watch, is his grandfather left his. 6 months ago, he had a car accident,aphublot, table side collision deformation. Because 70 years ago the side table, also don’t know how to repair, then returned to switzerland. Then we use the gold to the watch band, created a world the one and only watch for him, he was very happy to see. In this section we watch, tabulation division spent the time of a month, this month, just to repair this watch. This is our work attitude, and our reason for high content of brand value."   it appears in the Yan Tian Er, the purchase of luxury goods is more to buy a high quality of service, but also is a worldwide service in London, you bought the watch, to Paris out of the question, in the local can repair. But after 30 years, 50 years can also be, for the customer, is a supreme enjoyment and satisfaction. "Luxury than you can see, but what you can’t see. Whether the moon displays, or voice timekeeping function, which contain the principle is very complex, you do not see, but you can feel the subtle. So our customers must have a keen interest in the technology, even the technology fanatic. But some customers will have 2 to 3 pieces of IWC, he may be 35 years old when bought our products, and over the next few years and bought another, because our product line is very rich, classic, sports, diving, flying, there is always your favorite products." "We are not mass luxury, but we must ensure that have built the development of better." And luxury brands in China propaganda way naturally vary, luxury more on marketing circles, often hold some activities. Wan Guobiao has just put in the Swiss designers invited to China, the whole complex tabulation process from start to finish to show Chinese opinion leaders and trendsetters and journalists. Wan Guobiao entered the Chinese time not early, Yan Tian Er has already done slowly cultivate the Chinese market ready,Audemars Piguet watches, "why in Europe, Hongkong Wanguo table development is particularly good, because we are already at the local forty or fifty years." "I have plenty of time", he said jokingly. He was 33 years old this year, is one of the youngest senior company.

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