Watch the story 250 years of Vacheron Constantin

        clock story: 250 years of the Vacheron Constantin brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   the middle of the eighteenth Century, the Swiss watch industry in Geneva has a very prosperous, watchmakers was known as the "loft workers", because they are always making all kinds of wooden clocks in the attic. A member of the Jean-Marc Vacheron set up their own tab studio in the area,lv replica, he is the first of the founder of Vacheron Constantin. Join Francois Constantin in early nineteenth Century to make the watch factory to create a new situation, he is a hard-working, experienced sellers, in order to open up more markets, constantly running in many countries, and eventually he very fruitful action for the watch factory to win greater visibility.         in twentieth Century 20, the company produced a very complex pocket watch, on behalf of the high standards in the complex functional watch manufacturing field. A case in 1972 launched for the irregular shape of the table section, unique aesthetic concept immediately to what it represents is refreshing, and until now people can feel it at the time of the avant-garde design concept, its name is also very interesting, it is called "1972".         in 1880, Vacheron Constantin company registered trademark – the Maltese cross pattern. In the upcoming twenty-first Century moment, mull it series available, including a barrel shaped shell of the watch set calendar,, tourbillon, power reserve display three functions in one,, with the complexity of its function and perfect movement made a masterpiece of the best.                                                                 – an excerpt from "the world classic watch meta"     "meta" world classic watches with first-hand data introduces many brand history, culture and artistic originality,, make people not only clear the appearance design ideas, and more aware of its connotation and wonderful.                                       &nbs plume

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