The world watches series count Piaget

        the world of watches series: Earl Piaget watch brand, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches: founded in 1874 founded in Switzerland place: the Earl of Geneva brand history: since its inception in 1874, the count has always been committed to enhance creativity,, modified details and fusion watch and jewelry craft etc., reflecting the high-end brand style. Originally specializing in the development and production of watch movements, later will be further extended to the exquisite art jewelry process, in order to launch the first jewelry watches in 1960 years. In order to prove their abilities of self transcendence, rise above the common herd, the count is especially good at R & D rare, precious and the one and only works. Whether it is the creation of the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement or the most expensive watches, face the new challenge every time, the count to show exquisite craft and jewelry watches manufacturing. "Always do more than demand better" is not only the founder motto, is located in Luoshan District in Middle Jurassic La  Cote-aux-Fé the count movement in the village of ESS manufacturing studio and is located in the Plan-les-Ouates District of Geneva, advanced clock carefully processed gem gold case and bracelet watch makers, this is their purpose. The count accurately grasps the time pulse,, never cease to bold attempt to spirit,, professional skills and rich imagination, the pursuit of more exquisite artistry. 1874: Georges  Edouard  Piaget is the founder of studio count tabulation. Manufacturing in the Swiss Jura mountain studio dedicated movement count. 1943: the count’s officially registered trademarks and began to promote the advanced precision watch their own production. 1956: Earl introduced the first 9P ultra-thin mechanical movement, the leader of ultra-thin movement. 1959: the count in Geneva opened its first boutique. 1960: 12P movement Earl launch records in the Guinness Book of records in one book, the thickness of only 2.3 mm, automatic winding movement is the world’s thinnest. 1960 years: the count for the development of unique jewelry watches and become the "Swiss flower". Later, the count in Geneva to set up a new studio, will further two watch technology promotion to gold and gems processing. R & D Watch Jewelry has a unique vision, the count to establish standing leadership do not shake in the watch industry. 1964: the count makes the world marvel, for ten consecutive years to launch a series of new type decorative stones to watch dial. 1979: Piaget  Polo sport watch after the launch, was immediately popular well-known star of love. 1980: the count to create the world’s most expensive watches, worth 5000000 Swiss francs. 1990’s: count out the first jewelry series Possession. 2001: the count on;

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