The classic symbol of the time in the world (Photos)

        classic "symbol of the time in the world" (Photos) name, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

on the staff, the black "tadpole" weave the chapters of life for human beings.

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notes, is the symbol of music! sevenfriday watch replica

on paper, pen writing people human emotions, to record a long history. sevenfriday watch replica

text, is the national cultural symbol! sevenfriday watch replica

and never stop running time? sevenfriday watch replica

it’s the minutes and seconds to record the time, with metal carve time,

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they are time symbol, time and time again humans to create brilliant. sevenfriday watch replica

how much you know about time? sevenfriday watch replica

in fact time not just those always follow the traditional orbit, minutes and seconds. sevenfriday watch replica

if you pay attention, time of the world equally exciting, here is full of all kinds of strange, weird, full of fragrance of the classic symbols of art. sevenfriday watch replica

"GMT&quot,; easy control of two time

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GMT, it often appears in the watch for the sign,, like playing with the "time" is no stranger to the people, to see it naturally know watches is to time zone function as the main. GMT is the actual Greenwich Mean Time acronym, translated as the Greenwich standard time, this is the January 1, 1885 the formal implementation of the time zone of the world standard,, and we see today in the watch "GMT" represents two of the function. sevenfriday watch replica

look at pointer GMT,, it is the time zone function of the family patriarch level table section, from birth has gone through a hundred years of history, but in such a watch, can not say very representative of Rolex (ROLEX), classic styling and accurate travel time of people, still two when watches stroke >

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