Brand origin Aviation timer Breitling BREITLING

        brand origin: Aviation timer BREITLING brand breitling watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch in 1884, the founder of Lyon · Breitling Breitling La Schade Finn Chan made in switzerland. Initially, the company main production is the watch timer, beginning in 1914 with the seconds and luminous watches for the military production. On 1936, Lyon’s grandson Wiley started the cockpit for aircraft instrument supporting the production of precision timer, then embarked on the road to be bound together in a common cause with aviation production. So far, Boeing, Douglas and Roxy de and other large aircraft manufacturers are Breitling users. Experience for the aviation industry for many years the Breitling watchmaking, product has the remarkable characteristic, it is extremely focused on the function orientation of the watch, its products continue to meet the needs of aviation, navigation, navigation, diving for a special industry, give the watch to practical, functional and diversity. Therefore,, the Breitling watch is not only a timer, and a precision instrument,, known as the " aeronautical computer; " reputation. In 1941, Breitling completed " rotary sliding scale " design and manufacture of, and in September 30th the same year made the Swiss patent 217012nd. This invention, brought the revolutionary breakthrough for the function of the watch. Pilots use this watch can not only easily for multiplication and division, metric conversion, and can calculate charge shuttle launch and landing speed and time. In 1952 the company launched a famous Breitling watch. In addition to the timing,, but also assist pilots for navigational ready, check the flight plan, calculation speed and calculation of fuel consumption. Perfect after years of improvement, gradually become a Breitling table series, in performance continuously with Shanghai Airlines Air industry development, to the early 60’s, has to meet in the supersonic condition indexes of the compliance rate. In May 24, 1962, the table with the American astronaut Scott · carpenter for the second time to orbit the earth.     the pursuit of excellence of " Emergency"   new ideas and the spirit of the tabulation process Breitling bold exploration, in 1988 launched the " Emergency" model reflected. The table bottom is provided with a miniature waterproof transmitter at -20 deg.c to within temperature range of -100 DEG C to 121.5 millihertz frequencies per minute issued 2 pulse signal transmitting range up to about 160 km, the continuous working time of up to 20 ~ 28 days. This design makes the " Emergency" can be widely used in aviation, diving, mountain climbing, adventure activities such as emergency rescue, the rescue personnel can timely determine distress object location. This is an important breakthrough in the watch function. When this table in the Marcel exhibition,, immediately aroused;

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