Comment five Swiss watches

        reviews five Swiss watch brand watch, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, watch sapphire watches famous product in both men and women, general and elegant, taste, cultivation associate together. OMEGA will make you think of the movie "007" in the James · Bond inadvertently in the afternoon Coffee store in the wrist at a glance; Longines is a graceful and elegant beautiful lady Tuosai smile…… Blancpain table lady bird from the 50’s, Blancpain is devoted to watch the highest realm — slim and exact no horse fashion show. In 1956, the world’s first postage "Lady Bird" emerge as the times require. Taking the design of contemporary smallest, caused the altar table shock. Today,, Blancpain produce Yi see slim second generation "Lady Bird" and "Lady Bird automatic chain". Elegant round case, rose gold, gold or platinum casting and become, and manually mounted. Automatic chain device for the world’s most subtle. Plum table universe universe diving table made of stainless steel, with fine grinding and fine grinding surface, add radiance to each other, to highlight the special control effect. Watch assembly automatic movement, not easy to wear sapphire glass and a magnifying glass, the waterproof function up to 200 meters water depth, and a spiral drill lock head. Titanium multi-functional chronograph watch is configured ETA quartz movement, including plum table quality characteristics consistent, if not easy to wear sapphire glass, 50 meters waterproof function, titanium metal weight is light, the appearance of dynamic,, full of sense of the times. Longines watch Perth olympic series of Olympic Perth (OPOSITION) series of comprehensive interpretation of harmony with extreme elements, using bright bold lines, as Longines elegant style to expand new areas and increase the avant-garde concept, particularly suited to the pursuit of self-expression young people. Perth Austrian stainless steel watch with sleek and smooth watchband, watchcase and with arched sapphire table mirror, constitute a space streamline design the perfect fluid. Austrian Perth fine steel chronograph is in addition to 30 meters waterproof function, even sometimes, and second hand. Tissot PR100X watches PR100X analog type multifunctional Tissot launch timing and alarm and high speed back gauge function, structure combines sophisticated super Zhuo tabulation technology and the aesthetic era, the multiple functions of timing of traditional and new technologies and cooperate with each other. PR100X multi function alarm clock, not only is the world’s first put the multifunction timer alarm function in analog type, have more unique high speed back gauge function. This function is the advantage of only reduced by school button, can automatically restore also starts a timer, welcome and by the navigator and navigator. OMEGA constellation series OMEGA luxury jewelry from around the world gathered and precious gemstones,, there are diamonds, Blaupunkt and red treasure, cutting and grinding into high quality national diamond. Finally,, in order to Seiko will precious stones inlaid in gold or platinum watch. Each group of luxury jewelry series watches are in the Milky Way Galaxy constellation naming – for Ai Guilan, Rafael Benitez and cathy.

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