The entry-level watch list six sports watch recommendation

        entry-level watch list six sports watch recommended watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watch if you have several million budget, intends to purchase the first piece of good table, hope it can reveal the extraordinary taste, and nice. Practical performance is good, can best preserve, never out of date…… So, in the vast sea, there are always some classic no suspense in the candidate list, even if there is no diamond, no more complicated, they still can be handed down on the wrist of treasure. Six series of sports watch introduced in this issue, it is a classic in the basic section of representative. Chanel J12 series eternal black and white   Coco Chanel once as a whole era of women to create a different typical, she can drive all the way from Paris to the azure coast, she can in order to ride to get up early in the morning. Because of her,, swimsuit began to have the fashionable style; because of her, healthy brown skin luxuriant; along the way, CHANEL style is more than others a candor and courage.   J12 is an aggregation of countless Glory International Regatta in the history of professional sailing regatta; who, it represents the elegance, precision and courage. This inspired Chanel the first movement table named J12. Case made of hardness level and diamond of high-tech precision ceramic, with diamond sand polishing processing technique makes J12 shine as bright metallic shine. And is located in by provides the most precision watchmaking technology guarantee as the Swiss watch Valley La Chaux-de-Fonds Chanel watch factory for J12. Cartire Pasha de CARTIER series luxury sporty   in twentieth Century thirty, the prince of Morocco to the Cartire Pasha custom waterproof watches a swimming can also identify the time, when Cartire designers in the crown with the use of protective cap screws tightened, solves the waterproof problem. Now, the prince named Pasha series, has been among the most famous of the Cartire three series one.   rounded Hale appearance, dial the classic square grid lines,, 3, 6, 9, 12 and four time of digital and other unique crown, Pasha series is the symbol of. In particular, is connected to the case to link the crown cap,, usually with a jewel in particular, succinct and generous that king of the wind, sporty and luxurious. Panerai Panerai luminor series new veterans   from the 1938 officially become special products in Italy of the Royal Navy, witnessed many deeds in the naval battle. In order to improve the waterproof performance,, installation of a lever supporting bridge device to press the locking the crown, "a unique shape big ears" become Panerai logo.   90 of the last century, Pei Na Navy watches began with Luminor and Mare Nostr.

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