Table 2007 Basel Exhibition on the Swiss Lei Dabiao

        2007 Basel table show of Rado watches brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch     Rado Gallery has always black, low-key temperament appeared in the calendar year Basel table show, this year also, radar table following this route, the entire exhibition hall appear black (B  lack), peace (Se  ren  E), modern (M  od  e  RN) temperament. Black cover almost every corner of the hall of radar. From the outside to the inside people can see the exhibition hall, whole body wall by the huge black glass, display cabinets,, reception area, carpets, walls are unified into the radar table iconic black. Quiet, not only is all black and glass materials to bring people to the sensory experience, this radar table become an independent school, only the brand logo were placed in the hall wall right angle and hall in a simple, low profile, which can be proved by the world-renowned brand without publicity, do not need a huge advertising confidence. Put aside the black element is never out of date,, four ranging from the size of the silver ring is placed in the hall walls, design is full of modern flavor feeling instant show. Brand, RADO show many peak of its recent works,, such as the whole ceramic Chronograph series, the new founding series, new type double after second founding Chronograph series, the new founding type trumpet series and made their first appearance in the series of white really table Basel exhibition.

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