RADO radar table — the first foreign brand advertising

        RADO radar table — the first foreign brand advertising brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches China advertising after recovery, the most exciting is the foreign advertisers. The first foreign brand advertising in the China Market — Rado Chinese District vice president Zheng Shijue recalled: "was Chinese is still not fully open, but we are aware of the China broad market,www.watchonhere.com, has great potential to tap. Radar table company the application of marketing theory of ‘the first brand’ theory, is the first person to strive for the market, so that in the absence of competitors, can use less resources and time to build a high brand awareness."   in March 15, 1979 6 in the afternoon, "radar table" TV advertising by Shanghai Advertising Limited agency broadcasted in Shanghai TV station, because of the time and the operation, the television ads and even with English commentary, only with the Chinese subtitles. The same day the radar table "Wen Wei Po" in the banner advertising is hand-painted illustration. Although not understand at the time Chinese English people, but in 3 days, to Huangpu District shopping malls ask this brand watches consumers more than 700 people! In fact, exactly 4 years after, radar table was really into China market. At this time, for Chinese people, radar table is already no one I do not know, know! Radar Table Company China area vice president Zheng Shijue said: "at that time, the Chinese market has not imported table, we do propaganda, the brand play out, creates a demand. Consumers know the radar performance is very good, want to buy, but they can not buy,http://www.perfer4uwatch.com, the more something may be more valuable." After 25 years today, followed by such hunger marketing strategy has been more and more enterprises.   foreign to the Chinese market showed great enthusiasm, it is said, outdoor billboards at the time of Beijing Chang’an Avenue and Shanghai Nanjing road almost all foreign brands, especially Japanese brands occupy. In March 20, 1979,www.bazaar4uwatch.com, Beijing’s "worker’s Daily" published by the Japanese Toshiba ads, 27 published a full page advertisement Seiko table. China advertising the door finally opened completely. At the time of the advertising company, although the business level is relatively low, but also pay much attention to learning. By the end of 1979 to early 1980,www.breitling-heuer.com, Beijing advertising company and American young & Rubicam advertising company, Japan Dentsu advertising department jointly held. The North – former general manager Cheng Chun et al in this lecture is on first exposure to the concept of Marketing, which also became a lot of BBEF people learn and understand advertising, marketing "brick".

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