Masculine dynamic CHANEL new J12 watch (map)

        masculine dynamic CHANEL new J12 watch (map) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch           will Chanel original ideas and insights of the fine, perfect switch to tab areas, inspiration the original 1950 years since the popular ultra lightweight racing, a professional watch works of Superleggera, since the birth.         case the latest styles J12, new epoch technology adopts new fog surface treated, the achievements of the "J12" Superleggera new watches,, it has a black rubber strap with light, and is the first to connect with the fog face black scratch high-tech ceramic case.           a wristwatch, movement style, absolutely extremely light, rugged and masculine.         black and white is the basic color, which is the most fashionable colors,, fully representative of Chanel lines concise style has always been. Subtle changes in black and white contrast and geometric patterns,, ubiquitous in Chanel products.         use the other one unexpected materials with each other, Chanel will show black and white contrast spirit in fine jewelry & watches boutique. So the use of the material including gold, Black Onyx, Bo Jin,, diamond and use the most advanced and high-tech research and development of ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum alloy etc..      

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