Consumption tax levy on the part of Rolex watches prices rise 5%

        consumption tax levy on the part of Rolex watches prices prices 5% watch brands, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches,, sapphire watches the Oriental Network August 29th news: Shanghai this month, the market Rolex table name part styles will rise again, or an average of about 5%. This is the reporter from the Hong Kong listed companies to obtain Xinyu Hendry and Amy table Chinese Switzerland signed exclusive agency agreement meeting news. "Since April began to levy consumption tax, the current Hushang most watches prices have been rising, rising to about 6%." The relevant personnel Xinyu Hendry watch company told reporters, "a few months earlier, million watches are mostly still in succession to rise in price. The one this month, the mainland city of   on the field part of Rolex watches will also rise in price,, the average increase of about 5% in." It is reported, after May, TAG Heuer, OMEGA, radar,, Kadiya, and Vacheron Constantin part of the high-grade brand have been raised about 5%. On the same day, the Swiss watch brand owner Amy Desco Shanghai branch relevant responsible person said, "at the moment we have not raised prices, but the consumption tax must have an impact on the watch prices,, is expected in the future will continue to gradually adjust the price. This price adjustment is expected to have an impact on our sales will not, because this kind of customers to the brand loyalty is high, and currently in the Chinese area, our sales to maintain rapid growth of 70% a year." Industry insiders said, even before the introduction of the consumption tax, Chinese market sales of imports of high-grade watches retail prices have also been rising, with imports Switzerland watches as an example, there are 5% to 10% of all brands of average annual increment. "This is because the mainland market, demand for high-grade watches every year in the heating, so the retail price in itself have a greater increase in space."

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