Ten of the most easy to reproduce lifelike watches

        ten of the most easy to reproduce "lifelike" brand watches watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, watch the ultra-thin couples,www.watchonhere.com, compared to sapphire watches and watch enthusiasts, counterfeiters to watch the market concern is to go beyond. They look for opportunities, waiting in the wings. Phishing table market survey report website currently lists the ten most "lifelike" fake table. The production of the ranking criteria is very simple, have a look which mix the spurious with the genuine, fake watch can achieve vivid effect. – Rolex Explorer 1 Explorer 1 design simple and delicate, but it is the simple design which makes it more easy to reproduce. Rolex submariner (Rolex Submariner) Rolex deep-sea diving table, with the crown shoulder, magnifying the calendar display function. The golden light of the frogman has become one of the most difficult to be imitated watch style of Rolex. – Chopin rally watch due to the use of ETA (ETA is the core manufacturer manufacturer in the world’s largest and most successful Valgranges series A07.111) movement, this watch has become the object of being imitated. Counterfeiters can accurate imitation of the table with the crystal mirror, magnifier, a calendar wheel and the rear cover. Panerai Panerai watches Ferrari series – most of the counterfeit or easily recognizable, such as design errors or ill placed the crown shoulder, too short a minute wheel, inferior calendar wheel or mirror etc.. However, the Panerai Ferrari series phishing table as far as possible to avoid these defects, so as to achieve the effect of mix the spurious with the genuine. – Green Han super big crown watch super big crown watch appeared very early imitation, but counterfeiters counterfeit technology recently is strive for further improvement. Now tell the need to open the cover,www.finest-watch-sale.com, because the fake mechanical mechanism within the table than the general truth table to nothing. – Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore watch series Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore watch patterned long-standing. The latest this fake table improves the imitation technology, second vice dial and calendar wheel and so on are more accurate imitation. Of course, these counterfeit or defective, such as dial the luminosity is natural, date display window and table than it really was left. BREITLING super – Marine Steel fish watches Breitling is one of the brand is often imitated,http://www.perfer4uwatch.com, but its steel fish watch being fake up. Identification should pay attention to color,www.omega-moon.com, appearance and other details of the digital ID. – bly scholar three needle protection table Bolai scholar three needle protection table also because its simple design and become the target of counterfeiters competition. So far, unique to the BR01 series of four lock screw is relatively easy to discern. But recently the imitation tabulation technology the whole BR series has been improved, and covers a lot of colour and variety. Consumers distinguish should pay attention to when the technical content dial photometric, quality and whole watch strap. Frank Muller – barrel ten anniversary limited edition watch on the market a lot of fake Watch Limited Edition watch, but the barrel itself has the very high technology. The simple design "

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