Rolex awards for enterprise announced

        Rolex "awards for enterprise" brand announced watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch   "Twelfth Rolex awards for enterprise" recently announced. This international award was founded 30 years ago by Rolex,, this year is the twelfth, the 5 winners joined since 1976 to win the award 55 winners of the team. Each winner will receive a $100000 prize and a gold Rolex watch engraved with the names of the. Select the winners by an independent expert panel of judges from nearly 1700 for the 117 countries who, because they made in science and medicine, technology innovation, exploration and development, environmental protection and cultural contribution and commended. The 5 winners are: Yali Cassandra · Ralph Sevilla — French ethnologist, she established a flow of the school to save the nomadic people of Siberia cultural heritage; Brad · Norman — Australian environmental scientist, he created the photo identification database protection, the whale shark in a global scope; pilar Pan Shiwei — · Thailand professor of Microbiology,, she devoted herself to save by poaching and illegal logging threat in southern Thailand hornbill; Chang Da · Shi Love — women in India, she established a flow of resource center to show Kuteqi embroidery and teach the skills to a new generation of artists; Luo Li Wilson — · the British zoologist, he invented the measuring device to help protect the wild animal consumption an innovative energy. "The winners of the ideal in the heart not to move or retreat, and this is also the Rolex ‘awards for enterprise’ from 30 years ago to create the beginning has been to adhere to the spirit of." As a Rolex Watch Co Ltd chief executive officer,, the president of Rolex Award Selection Committee bartuc · heinie said: "Rolex to be able to support these bold innovation, to create beauty and goodness of the world the efforts of people honored."

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