Wang Libin 400000 Rolex stolen rapidly crimes suspect arrested gold watch after

        rapid detection of Rolex Wang Libin 400000 theft suspect arrested a gold watch to recover the watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches "Merry Christmas, this happy, all of a sudden lost hundreds of thousands of Yuan thing ah." At one end of the phone Shaanxi coach Hans Wang Libin some depressed. Yesterday morning 5 when make, in Yunnan Mengzi Honghe bulls four storey hotel room Wang Libin sleeping by the two thieves stole hundreds of thousands of yuan belongings. But last night after the race, Wang Libin told himself was most property stolen, has been rapid detection of Mengzi police recovered. The resident Hotel morning stolen 23 days of evening 10 when make, Shaanxi Hans was from Dongguan to Yunnan Mengzi guangdong. A hard way to the Hans Shaanxi team, the Mengzi bulls directly into the Honghe hotel. This hotel is new, even brand also are not hung. According to the Yunnan basketball reporter said, starting from CBA second stage of the competition, the hotel was designated reception to the visiting team. "The hotel facilities are very good, position a little bias, but how did not think there is such a thing happen." Hans Shaanxi team affairs manager Xue Yawei said,, after the hotel all soon to sleep, because we are going to the second day of Yunnan Honghe game. As a coach,, Wang Libin enjoyed a suite of reception. But yesterday at 5 pm,, Wang Libin was awakened by a strange sound in the room, it was burglary. They accidentally created, their purpose is to steal the money room guests. Three. "Every detail had fallen asleep, but is what noise woke me up, I turned over and saw two figures, the door stood a, they at least three people." At five pm, Wang Libin indistinct feel someone in the room, he rolled over three casual visitor also scared. "Room two is the start of the door, that should be the lookout. See me again,, the three of them together to run outside. Along the four floor on the staircase sayazi down to escape, I drive out. The first floor of the guard at the entrance also saw them, but also help to pursue, but the three men quickly run away." In the Wang Libin after go downstairs, and wake up the floor with some other players, we have put on the clothes out to check the situation. The hotel also came, and assist reported. "No hands, I am in bed together they ran hand in hand, if not say consequences, three of them maybe hands with what guy." Wang Libin later spoke of is also very helpless. After the loss of about four hundred thousand yuan items stolen yesterday afternoon the reporter got the news, quickly contact with Wang Libin, but his mobile phone has been turned off. "Even the mobile phone got lost, will not find me." Reporters later by Xue Yawei manager of the mobile phone and get him. Start the reporter thought he was lost for a notebook computer and mobile phone and other items, "the loss of big ah, that a piece of table I buy is about 400000 yuan, is a Rolex gold watch, above is also China

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