Tudor table new table section 2008

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2008 New

          strap adopts a solid link, to accord with human body engineering design discount type clasp, hold mutual holding. The outer ring choose refined steel or 18ct Gold Watch, with models and with different function, highlight its unique identity,www.omega-moon.com, and embedding the anti wear blue crystal glass and screw in crown, every detail has embraced. Professional models equipped with a new generation of switch button, easy operation, more perfect embodiment of waterproof function.  

          different color, time scale, timing disk and hands style mutual collocation, surface design to create endless combination selection, coupled with the watch styles on excellence in technology, so that each of the wearer which demonstrated its unique personality. Tudor table top technology, and different wrist interweaves a innovative style,http://www.watchonhere.com, interpretation of you and the inexhaustible creativity Tudor table. Www.biao168.com


Prince Tudor marine type

Tudor multi-function clock  

Tudor Sea Prince type  

Tudor multi-function clock  

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