Maintenance of machinery list

        maintenance of the watch brand mechanical watches, mechanical watches, Swiss watch brand, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches mechanical watches repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and collision. Mechanical watch unless marked with waterproof function,, otherwise must avoid watchcase of water, because water will cause mechanical corrosion, very destructive. Seawater is untouchable. Even indicate the water table, also can have a waterproof guarantee a year, because the table waterproof ring after a full year loss, external factors plus sweat, dust and various inevitable, will be tired, so after a year of new waterproof ring must be replaced, otherwise not have waterproof function. Waterproof, more to prevent collision. In the scope of economic capabilities permit, may wish to have two or three tables in daily life to replace: mechanical watch wearing static activities, engaged in sports is wearing a sports watch, so use suit one’s measures to local conditions, can prolong the using life table. Mechanical table by the mechanical gear and driven to rotate winding operation, will inevitably produce friction, so long must refueling, lubrication, to reduce wear parts. Otherwise, wait until the trouble to repair, often the problem is very serious. Mechanical watch the best every year to return home, have a look have without inspection or improper use case of water. In particular, the hot and humid climate of Taiwan, sweat, rain and dirty air, etc. for many years accumulation, caused by chronic erosion of the machinery, the frequency and extent of damage than Europe and the United States, Japan high many,, so check very important; then every three years to make a thorough cleaning, maintenance. Maintenance and repair of the most insurance, give the agency shop processing orthodox safer. Internal cleaning must be handed over to a professional chef,, cleaning work and external mechanical table, the Lord might do it yourself; with a soft brush with cleaning liquid scrub strap, finally rinse with water. Clean up the case with water-proof function can also be used this way; not have waterproof function watchcase don’t scrub. Daily cleaning of the external work is very important, because the sweat,, dust and even subtle undetectable, actually still continue to accumulate, not be clean, strap will rust, decay or embrittlement. So the best master Qijia cleaning. Pay attention to the waterproof watch waterproof, anti water function 1: thin sheet, art table, table, jewelry table lady of many of the recommendations, less close to water vapor, collection when placed in a dry, non tidal place. Watch 2 water resistance device 30M; ordinary waterproof, the general function of rear lid with anti moisture for pressure mode of invasion, but not to the immersion and swimming, because the only device against water. More than 3 of the watch waterproof device 100M, rear lid lock tooth way, soaking but not for swimming and diving. More than 4 scuba diving watch 200M; diving and usually all should pay attention to adjust the time certainly locking each waterproof head.

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